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Lawn Weed Control

Aggressive weeds can crowd out your grass. Preen lawn products will help ensure your grass does not have to compete for water and other nutrients to stay healthy and green.

Preen Lawn Weed Control Plus Crabgrass Preventer keeps grassy and broadleaf weeds from germinating for up to four months while eliminating existing crabgrass for up to four weeks. It's one easy step early in the season.

Preen Lawn Crabgrass Control stops crabgrass and other grassy weeds from growing for up to 4 months on well established lawns.

Preen Lawn Weed Control kills 200 weeds and is the perfect choice for taming an especially weedy lawn. This product eliminates lawn weeds such as dandelions, chickweed, clover, and thistle by killing the root!

  • Alt Not Set

    The lightweight, handheld, battery-powered Ready2Go Spreader kills more than 200 lawn weeds at the flip of a switch. The timesaving, pre-loaded and pre-calibrated spreader is perfect for small lawns or anyone with rough terrain, slopes, or tight spaces, where a walk-behind spreader is awkward.

  • Preen Lawn Weed ControlAlt Not Set

    Kills dandelions plus 200 other broadleaf weeds for a beautiful, weed-free lawn.

  • Preen Lawn Weed Control Plus Crabgrass PreventerAlt Not Set

    Kills over 200+ lawn weeds and prevents crabgrass and other grassy weeds for up to 5 months.

  • Alt Not Set

    Prevents crabgrass and other common grassy weeds. Apply later in spring for season-long control.