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Ready! Flip! Go!

Ready2Go Spreader™ is an innovative, convenient, hassle-free way to have a beautiful, weed‑free lawn. This battery‑operated, handheld spreader is a timesaving and space‑saving tool for many homeowners. Ready2Go Spreader is perfect for smaller lawns or hard to reach areas. Just flip the switch and walk at a normal pace. You can’t get easier than that.

No more guessing, measuring or worrying. Preen Lawn Weed Control Ready2Go Spreader is pre-loaded and pre-calibrated to kill more than 200 common lawn weeds. Ready2Go Spreader is refillable and the four AA batteries are replaceable.

  • Ready2Go Spreader eliminates the need for large, unwieldy walk-behind spreaders, making it perfect for homeowners with smaller lawns. The Ready2Go Spreader also reduces storage needs because it easily fits on a shelf.
  • Use Preen Lawn Weed Control Ready2Go Spreader in hard-to-reach areas, such as tight spaces, slopes, hillsides or rugged terrain, where a drop spreader is unmanageable.
  • Ready2Go Spreader allows for the spot treatment of weeds in larger lawns, when pulling out a drop spreader is inconvenient and unnecessary.
  • Ready2Go Spreader, with its precise delivery of Preen Lawn Weed Control, reduces the chance weed killer will spill into vegetable, flower and shrub beds when treating the edges of your lawn.
  • Ready2Go Spreader is refillable with Preen Lawn Weed Control, which is available in 5-, 10- and 30-pound bags.

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Preen Lawn Weed Control Ready2Go Spreader video
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is to use the Ready2Go Spreader™

Preen Lawn Weed Control Ready2Go Spreader filling
Refillable container—use again and again

Preen Lawn Weed Control Ready2Go Spreader filling
Easy to store

How to Apply

The maximum number of broadcast applications of Preen Lawn Weed Control Ready2Go Spreader™ per site is 2 per year.

  • Mow lawn to normal height 1 to 2 days before applying the product.
  • Water lawn thoroughly at least 1 day before application to sustain moisture until the next watering.
  • Use this product when weeds are young and actively growing, preferably in the morning, when dew is on the grass.
  • If grass is not moist, first sprinkle the area lightly with water to enable the granules to adhere and to remain on the leaf surface of the weeds.
  • Do not apply when temperatures are consistently above 90°F.
  • Flip the switch on Ready2Go Spreader and walk at a normal walking pace. Always wear protective eyewear when using a battery-powered spreader.
  • Do not wash this product from weed leaves for 1 to 2 days after use. After 1 to 2 days, thoroughly water the lawn.

Applying Around Established and Transplanted Plants

Do not allow Preen Lawn Weed Control to drift onto flowers, vegetables or ornamental shrubbery. Apply when the air is calm. Do not apply to newly seeded lawns or areas under laid by roots of desirable trees and shrubs.

This is not the product label. Always read and follow directions on the product label. Use only as directed.

Weeds Controlled

Available Sizes

If larger refill quantities are required, the Ready2Go Spreader may be refilled using the 10 lb and 30 lb Preen Lawn Weed Control bags.

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