Garden & Landscape Tips

group container plants
Group containers out of direct sun when going on vacation.
  • The day before you leave, give flower and vegetable gardens a good soaking, especially if rainfall has been inadequate. Established annuals can go about a week or 10 days without water, perennials about two weeks, and trees and shrubs about a month. A healthy lawn can go six weeks without water.
  • Do not fertilize plants right before you leave. Fertilizer encourages growth and you want slower growth while you are away.
  • Move containers into an area protected from direct sun yet open enough to get rainfall. Grouping containers in one place also helps if you have a friend watering plants for you.
  • Harvest as much produce from the vegetable garden as possible before you leave. Donate to a food pantry or share with friends, family or neighbors. If you are going to be gone for more than two weeks, consider having someone visit the vegetable garden to harvest the produce. If you stop harvesting the vegetables, the plants will stop producing.
  • Apply Preen Garden Weed Preventer before you leave to keep weed seeds from germinating. Always read and follow the label directions.
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