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In our hectic lives, having something done ahead of schedule is rewarding. In the garden, prepare yourself for the battle against weeds by using a garden weed preventer. Rather than waiting for weeds to crowd your flowers and vegetables and then applying a garden weed killer, get a jump by using a weed preventer. Products that block weed growth—like Preen—save time, are easier to apply and keep your garden looking great.

The Advantage of Preventing Garden Weeds

Unlike garden weed killers, garden weed preventers stop unwanted seeds from germinating. Weed seeds blow into your garden with the wind or come from weeds that have self-seeded in past seasons. Seeds can survive in soil for several years, but a preventer creates a no-sprout zone a couple of inches deep in the soil. While a preventer stops seeds from germinating, it doesn’t harm your existing flowers and vegetables. In fact, Preen is safe for over 200 established trees, shrubs and other plants. Also unlike typical garden weed killers, one application keeps weeds from growing all season long.

Weed killers use more of your energy than weed preventers. Garden weed killers need to be re-applied each time weeds appear. When using a garden weed killer, it is necessary to spray the product directly onto the weeds. Also, while spraying, weed killer can drift to your flowers and shrubs and damage them. Preventing weeds in the first place means you’ll spend more time on the plants you want, and less time on unwanted weeds.

You like a neat, weed-free landscape. A garden where weeds have been prevented is simply more attractive. Using weed killers or weeding by hand can be tedious. Hand-pulling weeds disrupts mulch and soil, and in turn you desirable plants. Weed-killing products leave you with decaying weed vegetation, which you’ll eventually remove by hand anyway.

Preen: A Work Saver Product

Preen is a popular and highly effective garden weed preventer. Preen is a granule, not a spray, so all you have to do is sprinkle the right amount of Preen onto the areas between your perennials and annuals. For the best weed control, use Preen right after mulching your flower and landscape beds. Just sprinkle Preen and water in, or lightly rake into the mulch if watering is not convenient. Be sure to follow label instructions. Then you’re done for the rest of the season.

Preen also offers a completely natural product best used in your vegetable and herb gardens. Just sprinkle Preen Natural Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer around established vegetable, herb and fruit plants once a month. Be sure seedlings are 2 to 3 inches tall before applying the natural weed preventer, and always follow label instructions. Your gardens will be safe for kids and pets immediately after application. Preen Natural Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer can also be used for landscape weed control.

True gardening bliss comes from watching your roses bloom or picking your first tomato of the season. Why waste time and energy spraying weeds? Using Preen weed preventer products will keep weeding off your to-do list for months.

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