Garden & Landscape Tips

The best way to get ahead and stay ahead of garden weeds is to stop them when they’re seeds. If you stop weed seeds from sprouting, they never grow and you won’t have to pull them. Different weed seeds germinate at different times throughout the growing season: spring, summer, fall or even winter, too, in some areas. For gardeners, this can mean wave after wave of new weeds. So, while early spring is an optimal time to begin applying Preen, any time is a good time to launch a weed prevention campaign.

  • Step 1 - First remove any existing weeds to start the season with a clean slate. Take care to remove their roots. Preen doesn't kill existing weeds. It stops new weeds before they start by preventing their seeds from rooting.

  • Step 2 - A two- to three-inch layer of mulch helps retain soil moisture, keeps soil temperature even and looks nice and tidy. It also has weed-preventing properties of its own. Mulch deprives weed seeds of sunlight to help undermine their growth.

  • Step 3 - Sprinkle Preen on top of mulch. Apply when the garden is dry so Preen granules won’t stick to wet leaves. Preen stops seeds from sprouting for up to three to four months, whether the seeds are already in the top layer of soil or mulch, or carried in by the wind, birds or animals during that time.

  • Step 4 - Water in the granules within two days to activate Preen (till then, prolonged sun exposure can reduce effectiveness). Once watered in, Preen bonds with soil particles to create an invisible weed-control barrier in the top layer of soil and mulch.

  • Step 5 - Throughout the growing season, spot check periodically to pull any random weeds that may appear. A small percentage of rogue weeds will occur, including some that may have already been growing underground when you applied Preen there.

  • Step 6 - Re-apply weed preventer mid-season (per product instructions) to keep seeds from germinating, bearing in mind that many weeds set seed in late summer or fall. Refresh mulch as needed.

  • Enjoy your garden, freed from constant weeding. By following a Preen routine, you can drastically reduce weed problems throughout the entire growing season and, each spring, you'll find fewer and fewer weeds to deal with.

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