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Searching for the perfect dessert? These plucky options feature America’s autumn sweetheart, the apple. Pair the fruit with caramel, bake it into a pie, toss it with toffee—you've hit the sweet spot!

Pear Apple Crumb Pie
Pear Apple Crumb Pie


Banish baking boredom with a dessert that brings together two seasonal fruits, an aromatic spice duo and a crunchy oatmeal topping: Pear Apple Crumb Pie. Get the recipe.


Spiced Apple Cupcakes are filled with four seasonal spices and shredded apples, and then topped with a cream cheese frosting in a sweet ode to fall. Get the recipe.


You'll love exploring the layers of Caramel Apple Cheesecake — a nutty graham cracker crust, pecan-studded caramel, creamy apple filling and whipped cream topping. Get the recipe.


Apple Toffee Crisp takes the traditional crisp and goes one better with the addition of toffee bits to a mix of two types of apples, spices and oatmeal. Get the recipe.

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