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Marsh marigolds
Can you identify these flowers? They’re marsh marigolds, wildflowers that bloom in early spring.

Grab yourself a nice, cool drink and have a seat.

The website we want you to see has some gorgeous photos, and it’s not going to be easy to walk away. We’re talking plants—tens of thousands of them! Welcome to the USDA Plant Database, a fantastic resource for gardeners.

This useful site offers more than 40,000 photos to help you identify plants. You’ll also find useful information about invasive plants in your area, as well as a database of endangered plants, so you’ll know which plants are at risk in your state.

And it’s user-friendly, too. Search the database by scientific name or common name. Or search by state to find lists of plants for your garden’s locale and information about noxious weeds. If weeds are a problem in your gardens, stop the weeds before they emerge with Preen’s line of prevention products.

Now, get comfortable. It’s time to discover some plants!

Find information on thousands of plants in the U.S.

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