Garden & Landscape Tips

  • Scout the yard for evergreen cuttings, holly berries, dried pods and any other natural materials that make nice holiday decorations – both inside and out.
  • When shopping for a poinsettia, look for ones that aren’t wilting, are fully colored and aren’t being displayed in the store with sleeves on. (Those are for outdoor transportation only.) The store should protect your poinsettia with plastic or paper sleeves for the ride home. At home, remove any foil liner or at least poke holes in the bottom so root-rotting water doesn’t back up into the pot.
  • Don’t overlook other great plant choices for holiday color. Poinsettias aren’t your only option. Consider kalanchoe, cyclamen, bromeliads, ‘Diamond Frost’ euphorbia, Christmas cactus, orchids, or even blooming mini-cactus.
  • Pot up amaryllis, paperwhites or pre-chilled hyacinths so you’ll have winter blooms inside for the holidays and beyond.
  • Assess how your gardens fared this past year. Jot down what plants you liked (and which you didn’t) before you forget. Make note of plants that need to be moved. Think about improvements or changes you’d like to make. The notes will be a big help when it comes to seed- and plant-buying time.
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