Know Your Weeds with Preen's Weed ID

Not sure what kind of weed you have, check out Preen's Weed ID

To successfully wage war on garden weeds, it is essential to "know your enemy". In other words, it is critical to recognize which weeds are which and their characteristics: deep-rooted, seeds a lot, etc. Help is at hand. Gardeners plagued by weeds can visit the upgraded Weed ID tool at Preen for help. Preen, the leading maker of pre-emergent garden weed preventers, has totally retooled its online Weed ID. Designed especially for home gardeners, you can search among 112 weeds by their common or scientific names, whether it’s a broadleaf or grassy weed, or by state, which shows the common weeds especially found where you garden.

Several photos depict each plant to help you identify a weed by its leaves, flowers, stems or other characteristics, such as hairy stems or its growth habit. Identifying your own weeds may save you money. Only you know what has invaded your piece of Eden; applying a product that controls grassy weeds will not help if you have broadleaf weeds, such as dandelions and plantains.

Besides photos and descriptions, gardeners will find recommendations for the right Preen product for control of each weed at Preen Weed ID.

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