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Preen garden weed preventers stop weeds when they're seeds. Here's the short course on getting the jump on weeds. Why pull or kill weeds when you can prevent weeds with Preen?


You can start your Preen routine any time before or during the growing season. There are always new weed seeds ready to sprout.

Early spring is the optimal time to apply the first round of Preen, but it’s not the only time to apply the first round. Any time you begin, Preen will start to work preventing new seeds from sprouting and rooting.

If you start plants from seed wait until the shoots are two to three inches tall before applying Preen around them.

Preen is very easy to apply. You just sprinkle it onto the soil or mulch. Exact application rate is on the label. Generally figure 1 oz. per 10 square feet for Preen® Garden Weed Preventer and just under 2/3 oz. for Preen® Weed Preventer for Southern Gardens.

As a rule of thumb, the granules should be spaced approximately as you see them here, relative to a quarter coin. Use the same amount of Preen regardless of whether you’re applying it directly onto the soil or on top of the mulch.

Apply Preen when the garden is dry; if you apply when wet the granules could stick to the leaves. This can cause leaf damage or discoloration. It’s very important to water in Preen. Water activates Preen. You may water with a hose, or sprinkler, or rain if a soaking rain is expected within the next day or so.

After you water in any new application, don’t allow people or pets to walk in the bed until it is once again dry. If you can’t water it in immediately, and no rain falls within two days, use a rake to work the granules into the soil or mulch. Until Preen is activated by water and bonded to the soil, it could be weakened by extended sunlight, even on cloudy days. For maximum weed prevention, apply Preen again in mid season.

And that’s it - the Preen way to a wonderful and weed free garden. As with any gardening product, it’s important to read the product label and follow instructions. You could also find Preen labels and lots more easy care gardening information at

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