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See how easy it is to prevent weeds in your garden. Preen garden weed preventers stop weed seeds from sprouting. No roots. No weeds. No weeding. Why pull or kill weeds when you can prevent weeds with Preen?


"Preen is a gardener's secret weapon against weeds. It’s a garden weed preventer. It stops weeds when they’re seeds. It stops them before they start. There are weed killers, but if you don’t want unsightly dead weeds in your garden you still have to remove any existing weeds and their roots by hand. Preen is not a weed killer, it is a weed preventer. Let's sprinkle some Preen and show you how it works. When activated by water, Preen bonds with the soil in your garden. Preen then forms an invisible protective shield. It actually prevents weed seeds from forming roots. No roots, no weeds, no weeding. Early spring is the optimal time to apply the first round of Preen, but it’s not the only time to apply the first round. Any time you begin, Preen will start to work preventing new seeds from sprouting and rooting. Preen Works, So You Don’t Have To.® As with any gardening product, it’s important to read the product label and follow instructions. You can also find Preen labels and lots more easy care gardening information at While you’re there, sign up to receive Preen's email Garden & Landscape Tips for timely updates and ideas on gardening and outdoor living. For Preen, I’m Chris Holliday. Happy gardening! "

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