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Preen Lawn Weed Control kills a wide range of lawn weeds, including dandelion, chickweed, knotweed, plantain, henbit, spurge and many others commonly found in home lawns. Choosing weed killers for lawns can often be confusing and you might worry about burning your lawn. But Preen Lawn Weed Control’s formulation eliminates those concerns when used according to label directions.


Who doesn't want a thick green weed free lawn? But what if the only thing thick about your lawn is the weeds? If your lawn has lots of weeds, it's time to get Preen Lawn Weed Control. This product is made to do one thing - to kill the weeds in your lawn. It kills more than 200 types of tough weeds including dandelions, chickweed, thistle and clover. It kills the weeds, it kills the roots and it won't harm your grass when used as directed.

You probably know about weed seeds. Well this product is different. Preen Lawn Weed Control is a weed killer and only weed killer. It contains no fertilizer so you can take care of those tough lawn weeds at any time, any season, even summer when the fertilizer and weed and feed would burn your grass.

Maybe you already used weed and feed and think you're forced to wait eight weeks before going after your weeds again. You don't need to wait with Preen Lawn Weed Control. You can attack those weeds right now. You can use it anytime weeds are growing.

A good time to apply the product is in the morning when the loan is damp with dew or after it rains. You want the granules to stick to the weed leaves do not water this product in.  In fact, it's important that you don't water your lawn and that it doesn't rain for a day or two after application. This is the time when the product does its work. Granules stick to the wet leaves and the active ingredient is absorbed by the weed, killing it right down to the roots.

Remember you can apply Preen Lawn Weed Control whenever weeds are growing. Contains no fertilizer so it can be used to kill more than 200 types of lawn weeds, roots and all in the spring, summer or fall, even if you just fertilized.

Whether your weed problem involves the whole lawn or just a patch of weeds in need of spot treatment, Preen Lawn Weed Control has it covered.

Don't use this product in garden landscape beds and don't get it on plants, trees or shrubs.

That's it - Preen Lawn Weed Control is made for killing tough weeds in problem lawns so you can have the lush, green lawn you've always wanted.

As always, it's important to read the label and follow directions. For more tips on weed control visit and while you're there check out Preen's exclusive  online Weed ID tool.

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