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The quest to keep your piece of earth weed-free will probably lead you to the lawn and garden aisle at your home improvement store or garden center. Greeting you will be a mass of weed killer products labeled with terms like “selective herbicide” and “spot treatment.” These products will range in form, from concentrates and sprays to organics. You might be overwhelmed with the different types of weed killer products you see, but not all weed control options are made equal. It’s important to choose the right products to ensure a weed-free season with minimal work – a choice that can also keep your wallet happy.

The Difference between Weed Preventer and Weed Killer

All weed control products are herbicides. Herbicides are either “pre-emergent,” or weed preventer products, or “post-emergent,” or weed killer products.

Unlike weed killer products, pre-emergent herbicides prevent weed seeds from sprouting in the first place. Pre-emergent herbicide products are applied to soil or mulch and create a barrier to weed seed germination. Preen Garden Weed Preventer is a popular pre-emergent product that stops weeds all season long. Preen Natural Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer are popular natural choices, safe for children and pets and last 4-6 weeks.

Unlike weed preventers, post-emergent herbicides only kill weeds after they have grown. There are many different synthetic and organic weed killer products, but both work only to kill existing weeds. In the garden, post-emergent herbicides will leave dead, dried weeds that you’ll still need to remove by hand.

Selective Versus Non-Selective

Commonly, post-emergent herbicides are categorized as selective and non-selective. Selective herbicides are weed killer products that control some weeds and not others. For example, a broadleaf herbicide will kill many common weeds like dandelions, but not all types of grass. Granular selective herbicides are often used for lawn weed control. Preen Lawn Weed Control is a selective product that controls dandelions and 200 other broadleaf weeds that could be found in your yard.

Many selective herbicides are concentrates that must be mixed at home before applied. Others are premixed, ready-to-spray weed killer products. If concentrated selective herbicides are applied at too high of concentrations, they can become non-selective and could injure your desired plants.

Non-selective herbicides kill all vegetation. This type of weed killer can be used when no plants in a given area are wanted. For example, a non-selective herbicide might be used to tame an overgrown area on the edge of your property.

All herbicides work differently. It is important to read the product label closely to make sure your weed control choice will control the types of weeds in your garden and won’t damage your desirable plants and grasses. Preen Garden Weed Preventer is safe for use on over 200 types of plants. If you’re not sure what weeds are in your garden, Preen’s Weed Solution Center can help. Remember, an effective weed control plan starts with choosing a herbicide that will require the least amount of work.

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