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Enjoy a natural, weed-free vegetable garden without all the work. Preen Natural Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer provides natural weed control in your fruit, vegetable, herb, and landscape beds.

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5 lb.

Covers 250 sq. ft.


5 lb.

Covers 250 sq. ft.


25 lb.

Covers 1250 sq. ft.

  • Prevents dandelions, clover, crabgrass, foxtail, plantain, and many other common weeds*
  • Made of 100% corn gluten meal
  • Children and pets can play in the area immediately after application
  • Flip-top applicator cap makes application a breeze
  • Apply every four weeks for best results
  • Safe to use around all established plants including vegetables, herbs, and fruit when used as directed
  • Will not kill existing weeds
  • Not available for sale in SD

*Click to see a complete list of weeds controlled.

The 100% natural way to keep weeds from sprouting.


Start by removing any existing weeds around fruit, vegetable, herb, and landscape beds.


Flip the top, tilt the bottle, and shake to distribute evenly. Works even better with mulch.


Use a rake to work the granules into the top layer of soil or mulch.


Water the top 1-2 inches of the soil to activate the protective weed barrier.

Watch, learn, then try for yourself

Apply Preen Natural Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer anytime during the growing season around established vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Reapply every 4-6 weeks.

Since Preen Natural Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer only inhibits sprouting seeds, it can be used with confidence around established plants. However, do not apply on newly seeded areas. When your vegetable sprouts have true leaves and are 2-3 inches tall, it is safe to apply this product even up to the day of harvest.

First remove any existing weeds that may be growing. Sprinkle Preen Natural Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer evenly over the entire soil surface, at the rate of 5 lbs. per 250 sq. ft. Rake lightly into the soil then immediately water the top 1-2 inches of soil to activate the product. After, do not water for at least 2-3 days. If excessive rain occurs, reapplication may be necessary.

What is the ingredient in Preen® Natural Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer?

100% Corn Gluten Meal.

What weed seeds does Preen® Natural Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer prevent from germinating?

See our list of weeds controlled or the product label.

How long does Preen® Natural Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer prevent its label listed weed seeds from germinating?

Up to 4 – 6 weeks per application. Reapplication may be necessary sooner if heavy rains occur.

How long does Preen® Natural Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer last in the soil?

Approximately 4 – 6 weeks per application. The rate at which Preen® Natural Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer biodegrades in the soil and loses its effectiveness will depend on temperature, soil type, rain/moisture, sunlight and amount applied.

What weeds does Preen® Natural Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer kill?

None. Preen® Natural Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer helps to prevent its label listed weed seeds from germinating up to 4 – 6 weeks per application. It does not kill or damage existing weeds in any way.

What does “established plant” mean on the Preen® Natural Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer label?

The term “established plant” refers to flowers, trees and shrubs at least 3″ in height, not recently transplanted and having a strong root system. An established groundcover is one not recently planted and that has spread or filled in to your satisfaction.

What are the particles on the soil surface after I watered Preen® Natural Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer?

Corn gluten meal granules, which will disintegrate with time.

How does Preen® Natural Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer work?

For 4 – 6 weeks per application, the corn gluten meal in Preen® Natural Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer helps to inhibit seed sprouting and/or root development of the label listed weed seeds.

Will rain wash Preen® Natural Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer away?

No, but reapplication may be necessary sooner if heavy rains or excess watering has occurred.

Why is the Preen® Natural Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer container not full?

Preen Garden Weed Preventer packages are filled according to weight, not volume. Your unopened container will weigh as stated or slightly more.

Do you have a guarantee on your products?

Preen® Guarantee: To the extent consistent with applicable law, Lebanon Seaboard Corporation guarantees you will be satisfied with the performance of Preen® products when used as directed, or your money back. If not satisfied, describe the nature of your problem, and send with proof of purchase to:

Lebanon Seaboard Corporation
1600 East Cumberland St.
Lebanon, PA 17042

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Candytuft (Snow white)

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Carex (variegated)

carnation Dianthus caryophyllus

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Chinese Aster (Dwarf Queen)

Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum

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cockscomb Celosia argentea var. argentea

Coleus (Red kewpie)

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Coreopsis (Moonbeam)

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Creeper (Virginia)

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Dianthus (Crimson treasure cheddar pink)

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Euphorbia Euphorbia marginata

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Heauchera (Palace purple)

hens and chicks Jovibarba heuffelii

Hibiscus (Blue Bird)

Hibiscus (Brilliant)

Hibiscus (Hula Girl)

hollyhock Alcea rosea

honeysuckle Lonicera japonica

Horsetail (dwarf)

Hosta (Albo-marginata)

hyacinth Hyacinthus

Ice plant (Largeleaf)

Ice Plant (Trailing rosea)

Ice plant (Trailing)

Ice plant (White)

ice plant Mesembryanthemum crystallinum

Impatiens Impatiens

Iris (African)

Iris (Blue Siberian)

Iris (Bulbous)

Iris (Dwarf blue)

Iris (Wedgewood)

Iris (Yellow dwarf bearded)

iris Iris

Ivy (Bulgeria English)

Ivy (California)

Ivy (Needlepoint)

Ivy (Thorndale English)

ivy Hedera helix

Ivy Hedera helix ssp. canariensis

Ixora Ixora

Japanese pachysandra Pachysandra

Japanese sedge Carex kobomugi

jonquil Narcissus

jonquil Narcissus

Lamb's ears

lantana Lantana

Lavender (English spike)

lavender Lavandula angustifolia

Licorice plant (White)

Lily (African blue)

Lily (African)

Lily (Fortnight)

Lily (Francee plantain)

Lily (Kafir)

Lily (Patriot plantain)

Lily (Peruvian)

Lily turf (Creeping) Liriope spicatum

Lily turf (Evergreen giant)

Lily turf (Green)

Lily turf (Lilac beauty) Liriope muscari 'Lilac Beauty'

Lily turf (Majestic) Liriope muscari 'Majestic'

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Liriope (Green)

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marigold Dimorphotheca

marigold Tagetes

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Mascarene grass Zoysia tenuifolia

Mexican hat

Mexican heather Cuphea hyssopifolia

Morning glory (Bush)

Morningglory Ipomoea

Myoporum Myoporum

Nana bog rosemary

nasturtium Tropaeolum

New Mexico phacelia Clematis

Nicotiana Nicotiana

orchardgrass Dactylis glomerata

Osteospermum (Wirligig)

pachysandra Pachysandra terminalis

pampas grass Cortaderia selloana


pansy Viola

Paper flower (Barbara Karst)

Penstemon (apple blossom)

Penstemon (heartwig)

peony Paeonia

Periwinkle (Dwarf)

Periwinkle (Madagascar) Catharanthus roseus

periwinkle Vinca

Peter Pan (Dwarf)

Petunia (Picoti)

Petunia Petunia

phlox Phlox stolonifera

Pincushion flower Chaenactis fremontii

Plumoso cockscomb (Scarlet plumose)

poppy Eschscholzia californica

Portulaca Portulaca

Potentilla (Abbotswood)

Primrose (Siskiyou evening)

red fountain grass Pennisetum setaceum


Rockcress (Snowcap)

rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis

Rudbeckia Rudbeckia

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Abelia (Edward Goucher) Abelia x grandiflora 'Edward Goucher'

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abelia Abelia grandiflora

Acacia (Abyssinica) Acacia abyssinica

Acacia (Prostrate) Acacia redolens

Acacia (Shoestring) Acacia stenophylla

Almond (Dwarf pink flowering)

Andromeda (Japanese)

Aptenia (Red apple)

Aralia (Japanese)

Arborvitae (American)

Arborvitae (Aureus nana-dwarf golden)

Arborvitae (Emerald)

Arborvitae (Globosa-globe)

Arborvitae (Golden)

Arborvitae (Little giant-dwarf)

Arborvitae (Minima glauca-dwarf)

Arborvitae (Nigra)

Arborvitae (Nigra-dark American) Thuja occidentalis

Arborvitae (Pyramidalis)

Arborvitae (Pyramidalis-pyramid) Thuja occidentalis 'Pyramidalis'

Arborvitae (Rheingold) Thuja occidentalis 'Rheingold'

Arborvitae (Smaragh)

Arborvitae (Techny) Thuja occidentalis 'Techny'

Arborvitae (Woodwardii)

arrowwood Viburnum dentatum

azalea Rhododendron

Azaleas (Blue Danube) Rhododendron 'Blue Danube'

Azaleas (Brilliant)

Azaleas (Buccaneer)

Azaleas (Carror)

Azaleas (Chimes)

Azaleas (Corral bells) Rhododendron kurume 'Coral Bells'

Azaleas (Elsie Lee)

Azaleas (Exbury)

Azaleas (Fashion) Rhododendron 'Fashion'

Azaleas (Flame) Rhododendron calendulaceum

Azaleas (Formosa)

Azaleas (Gerard Christina)

Azaleas (Gerard Roberta)

Azaleas (Golden flare exbury)

Azaleas (Golden flare)

Azaleas (Gumbo pink) Rhododendron 'Gumpo Pink'

Azaleas (Hardijzer beauty)

Azaleas (Helmut vogel)

Azaleas (Hershey red) Rhododendron 'Hershey's Red'

Azaleas (Higasa)

Azaleas (Hino crimson) Rhododendron 'Hino-crimson'

Azaleas (Hino pink) Rhododendron 'Hino Pink'

Azaleas (Holland hybrid)

Azaleas (Hot shot)

Azaleas (Hume)

Azaleas (Inga)

Azaleas (Irene koster) Rhododendron 'Irene Koster'

Azaleas (Kirishima)

Azaleas (Klondike)

Azaleas (Marion Lee)

Azaleas (Mildred)

Azaleas (Northern lights)

Azaleas (Orange cup)

Azaleas (Orchid lights)

Azaleas (President Clay)

Azaleas (Reijn)

Azaleas (Snow)

Azaleas (Southern Charm)

Azaleas (Tradition) Rhododendron kurume 'Tradition'

Azaleas (Waucabusa)

Bamboo (compacta-dwarf heavenly)

Bamboo (Compacta-dwarf)

Bamboo (Harbour dwarf-heavenly)

Bamboo (Nana purpurea-heavenly)

Bamboo (Nana-compacta-heavenly)

Bamboo (Nana-purpurea-heavenly)

Bamboo (Woods dwarf heavenly)

Barberry (Atropurea-redleaf Japanese) Berberis thunbergii 'Atropurpurea'

Barberry (Aurea)

Barberry (Aurea-golden Japanese) Berberis thunbergii 'Aurea'

Barberry (Auropurea purple)

Barberry (Cherry bomb)

Barberry (Crimson pygmy)

Barberry (Dwarf pygmy)

Barberry (Green)

Barberry (Kobold)

Barberry (Mento)

Barberry (Pygmy red)

Barberry (Rose glow) Berberis thunbergii var. atropurpurea 'Rose Glow'

Barberry (William Penn) Berberis x gladwynensis 'William Penn'

barberry Berberis

barberry Berberis thunbergii

barberry Mahonia repens

Bearberry (Massachusetts)

Bluebeard (Dark knight)

bottlebrush Callistemon

bottlebrush Callistemon pallidus

Bougainvillea (Barbara Karst) Bougainvillea 'Barbara Karst'

Bougainvillea (California Gold) Bougainvillea 'California Gold'

Bougainvillea (Pink pixie) Bougainvillea 'Pink Pixie'

Bougainvillea (Scarlett O'Hara) Bougainvillea 'Scarlett O'Hara'

Bougainvillea (Temple fire) Bougainvillea 'Temple Fire'

Bougainvillea (Texas dawn) Bougainvillea 'Texas Dawn'

bougainvillea Bougainvillea

Boxwood (Common) Buxus sempervirens

Boxwood (Green velvet)

Boxwood (Harlands) Buxus harlandii

Boxwood (Japanese) Buxus microphylla japonica

Boxwood (Korean) Buxus microphylla koreana

Boxwood (Weller)

boxwood Buxus microphylla

Broom (Hollandia-Scotch) Cytisus scoparius 'Hollandia'

Broom (Lena-Scotch) Cytisus scoparius 'Lena'

Brush cherry (Dwarf)

cactus Opuntia

Calendula Calendula

Camellia (Chansonette)

Camellia (Debutante)

Camellia (Japanese)

Camellia (Mathotiana supreme)

camellia Camellia

camellia Camellia sasanqua

Cassia (Feathery)

catawba rhododendron Rhododendron catawbiense

Ceanothus Ceanothus

century plant Agave americana

Cinquefoil (Gold drop)

Cinquefoil (Goldfinger)

Cinquefoil (Red ace)

Cinquefoil (Sunset)

Cinquefoil (Tangerine)

Cleyera (Japanese)

common box Buxus sempervirens

coton easter Cotoneaster horizontalis

Cotoneaster (Eichholz)

Cotoneaster (Himalayan)

Cotoneaster (Praecox-early)

Cotoneaster (Pyrenees)

Cotoneaster (Zabel)

cotoneaster Cotoneaster dammeri

cotton easter Cotoneaster

coyote brush Baccharis pilularis

coyote bush Baccharis vanessae

Coyotebush (Dwarf)

Coyotebush (Kosteri)

Coyotebush (Nana-dwarf Japanese)

Coyotebush (Torulosa)

Cranberry bush

cranberry cotoneaster Cotoneaster apiculatus

crepe myrtle Lagerstroemia indica

cycad Cycadopsida

Cypress (Filifera-thread)

Cypress (Kosteri)

Cypress (Nana-dwarf Hinoki)

Cypress (Squarrosa minima)

Cypress (Torulosa)

Daphne (Fragrant)


Deutzia (Nakiana-dwarf)

Dogwood (Baileyi red osier)

Dogwood (Baileyi)

Dogwood (Flaviramea American)

Dogwood (Flaviramea)

Dogwood (Flaviramea-yellowtwig)

Dogwood (Sibirica-Siberian) Cornus alba 'Sibirica'

dogwood Cornus florida

Euonymous (Argenteo-variegata)

Euonymous (Auereo-marginata)

Euonymous (Colorata)

Euonymous (Emerald Gaiety)

Euonymous (Gold edge)

Euonymous (Gold Princess)

Euonymous (Tricolor)

Euonymous (Vegetus)

Euonymus (Canadale gold)

Euonymus (Canadale)

Euonymus (Challipo)

Euonymus (Emerald'n gold) Euonymus fortunei 'Emerald & Gold'

Euonymus (Gold Spot)

Euonymus (Silver king)

Euonymus (Spreading)

Euonymus (Sunspot) Euonymus fortunei 'Sunspot'

Euonymus (Variegated Evergreen)

Euonymus (Wintercreeper)

euonymus Euonymus alata

Fetterbrush (Rainbow)


Ficus (Mini)

firethorn Pyracantha

Forsythia (Arnold dwarf)

Forsythia (Border)

Forsythia (Bronxensis)

Forsythia (Lynwood Gold)

Forsythia (Meadowlark)

Forsythia (Spring Glory)

forsythia Forsythia

Gardenia (August beauty)

Gardenia (Mystery)

Gardenia (Radican)

gardenia Gardenia

Gracilis (Slender)

Guava (Pineapple)

Heather (Cornish)

Heather (Mediterranean pink twisted)

Heather (Mediterranean pink)

Heather (Mexican)

Heather (Purple bell)

Heather (Spring torch scotch)

Hibiscus (Ross Estey) Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'Ross Estey'

hibiscus Hibiscus

hollies Ilex

Holly (Balkans)

Holly (Blue boy)

Holly (Blue girl)

Holly (Burfodii)

Holly (Burford)

Holly (China boy)

Holly (China girl)

Holly (Compacta)

Holly (Compacta-compact inkberry)

Holly (Compacta-dwarf Japanese)

Holly (Convexa)

Holly (Dwarf Burford)

Holly (Dwarf Chinese)

Holly (Ebony magic)

Holly (Forsteri)

Holly (Gold coast)

Holly (Green luster)

Holly (Helleri)

Holly (Helleri-heller's Japanese)

Holly (Hetzii's Japanese)

Holly (Japanese northern beauty)

Holly (Nana-dwarf yaupon)

Holly (Needle point)

Holly (Nellier Stevens)

Holly (Nordica-inkberry)

Holly (Pendula-weeping yaupon)

Holly (San Jose)

Holly (Savannah)

Holly (Stokesii Japanese)

Holly (Yaupon)

holly Ilex cornuta

holly Ilex crenata


Honeysuckle (Claveys dwarf)

Honeysuckle (Halliana)

Honeysuckle (Tatarian Canadian white)

Honeysuckle (Winter)

Honeysuckle (Zebelli red hosta honeysuckle)

honeysuckle Lonicera sempervirens

honeysuckle Tecoma capensis

hopseed bush Dodonaea viscosa

hydrangea Hydrangea

Jasmine (Asian)

jessamine Gelsemium sempervirens

Juniper (Andora)

Juniper (Arcadia)

Juniper (Armstrong)

Juniper (Bar harbor)

Juniper (Blue chip)

Juniper (Blue pacific)

Juniper (Blue rug)

Juniper (Blue star)

Juniper (blue)

Juniper (Broadmoor)

Juniper (Buffalo)

Juniper (Calgary carpet)

Juniper (Dwarf Andora)

Juniper (Emerald green)

Juniper (Emerald sea shore)

Juniper (Emerald sea)

Juniper (Emerald spreader)

Juniper (Endora compacta)

Juniper (Foemina-hicks)

Juniper (Fruitlandi)

Juniper (Gold tip)

Juniper (Green)

Juniper (Hetzi)

Juniper (Hollywood)

Juniper (Hughes)

Juniper (Huntington)

Juniper (Manhattan blue)

Juniper (Media-old gold juniper)

Juniper (Nana-dwarf blue Japanese garden)

Juniper (Parsonii)

Juniper (Pfitzer)

Juniper (Pfitzeriana glauca-blue)

Juniper (Pfitzeriana)

Juniper (Plumosa)

Juniper (Plumosa-andora)

Juniper (Prince of Whales)

Juniper (Procumbens dwarf)

Juniper (Prostrata)

Juniper (San Jose)

Juniper (Sargent blue)

Juniper (Sargent green)

Juniper (Savin)

Juniper (Scandia)

Juniper (Scopulorum moonglow)

Juniper (Scopulorum skyrocket)

Juniper (Seagreen)

Juniper (Spartan)

Juniper (Tamariscifolia)

Juniper (Tamariscifolia-tam)

Juniper (Torulosa-hollywood)

Juniper (Weberi)

Juniper (Wiltonii-blue carpet)

Juniper (Youngstown)

Juniper (Yukon belle)

juniper Juniperus

juniper Juniperus conferta

juniper Juniperus horizontalis


Laurel (American Cherry)

Laurel (Australian)

laurel (Carolina cherry) Prunus caroliniana

laurel Kalmia latifolia

Leaf (Copper)

Leaf (Lemon)

Leucothoe (Coast)

Leucothoe (Drooping)

Leucothoe (Japanese)

Leucothoe (Ligustrum)

Lilac (Wild)

lilac Syringa vulgaris

lilac Syringa X chinensis

lily of the valley Convallaria majalis

Lily-of-the-Valley (Forest flame)

Lily-of-the-Valley (Mountain fire)

Lily-of-the-Valley (Snowdrift)

Lily-of-the-Valley (Temple bells)

Lily-of-the-Valley (Temple Bells)

Lily-of-the-valley (Valley rose)

Lily-of-the-Valley (Valley Rose)

Lily-of-the-Valley (Valley Valentine)

Lily-of-the-valley (Vally valentine)

Mahonia (Dwarf Oregon grape)

Mahonia (Leather leaf)

mock orange Philadelphus

Moss rose (Sunnyside)

Myrtle (Faurei crape)

Myrtle (Langer crape)

Myrtle (Muscogee crape)

Myrtle (Standard pink crape)

Nandina (Compacta)

Nandina (Nana)

nandina Nandina domestica

Nightshade (Paraguay)

Oleander (Hardy red)

Oleander (Petite pink)

Oleander (Ruby lace)

Oleander (Sister Agnes)

oleander Nerium oleander

Orange (Golden mock)

Orange (Snowflake double white mock)

Osmanthus (Fortunes)

Palm (Bangalow)

Palm (King)

Palm (Windmill)

palm Arecastrum romanzoffianum

palm Chamaerops humilis

Palm Washingtonia robusta

Photinia (Red tip)

photinia Photinia x fraseri


pieris Pieris japonica

Pine (Mugo) Pinus mugo

Pink Breath of Heaven

Pittosporum (Green)

Pittosporum (Japanese)

Pittsosporum (Wheeler's dwarf)


Plumbago (Dwarf)

potentilla Potentilla

Privet (Eastern)

Privet (Golden)

Privet (Howardi)

Privet (Lodense)

Privet (Red cedar)

Privet (Regal)

Privet (Texanum)

Privet (Vicary golden)

Privet (Wax leaf)

Privet (Wax)

Privet (Yellow tip)

privet Ligustrum

privet Ligustrum japonicum

privet Ligustrum lucidum

privet Ligustrum ovalifolium

Pyracantha (Gnome)

Pyracantha (Lalandei monrovia)

Pyracantha (Lalandei)

Pyracantha (Monon)

Pyrcantha (Red Elf hybrid)

Pyrcantha (Rutgers hybrid)

Pyrcantha (Santa Cruz)

Pyrcantha (Victory)

Rhaphiolepis (Charisma-Monruce)

Rhaphiolepis (Enchantress-Moness)

Rhaphiolepis (India hawthorn)

Rhaphiolepis (Roundleaf)

Rhaphiolepis (Springtime-Monme)

Rhododendron (Album)

Rhododendron (America) Rhododendron catawbiense 'America'

Rhododendron (Butterfly) Rhododendron 'Butterfly'

Rhododendron (Carolina)

Rhododendron (Catawba album) Rhododendron catawbiense 'Album'

Rhododendron (Chioniodes) Rhododendron catawbiense 'Chionoides'

Rhododendron (Cunningham White)

Rhododendron (Daphinoides) Rhododendron catawbiense 'Daphinoides'

Rhododendron (Dwarf Scarlett Wonder)

Rhododendron (Elizabeth)

Rhododendron (English Roseum)

Rhododendron (Fashion)

Rhododendron (Gomer Waterer) Rhododendron catawbiense 'Gomer Waterer'

Rhododendron (Hardy)

Rhododendron (Jean Marie) Rhododendron catawbiense 'Jean Marie'

Rhododendron (Lord Roberts) Rhododendron catawbiense 'Lord Roberts'

Rhododendron (Nova Zembla)

Rhododendron (PJM)

Rhododendron (Purple Gem)

Rhododendron (Ramapo) Rhododendron 'Ramapo'

Rhododendron (Rhodie Max)

Rhododendron (Rocket)

Rhododendron (Scintillation)

Rhododendron (Silvery pink)

Rhododendron (Tribly)

Rhododendron (Unique)

Rhododendron (Vulcan) Rhododendron catawbiense 'Vulcan'

rhododendron Rhododendron


rock rose Cistus

Rodie Max (Rosebay) Rhododendron maximum

Rosa (Lutea) Rosa banksiae 'Lutea'

Rose (Ramanas)

Rose of Sharon (Aphrodite)

Rose of Sharon (Heart)

Rose of Sharon (Helene)

Rose of Sharon (Red bird)

Rose of Sharon (Red Heart)

Rose of Sharon (Woodbridge) Hibiscus syriacus 'Woodbridge'

rose of Sharon Hibiscus syriacus

rugosa Rosa

sakaki Cleyera japonica


Silverberry (Fruitland)

Silverberry Elaeagnus

Skimmia (Japanese) Skimmia japonica

Skimmia (Reeve's) Skimmia reevesiana

Smoke Tree (Coral beauty)

Smoke Tree (Eichholz)

Smoke Tree (Royal purple) Cotinus coggygria 'Royal Purple'

smoke tree Cotinus

Spiraea (Anthony Waterer)

Spiraea (Bridal wreath) Spiraea prunifolia

Spiraea (Dolchia)

Spiraea (Fabail)

Spiraea (False)

Spiraea (First snow)

Spiraea (Frobeli pink)

Spiraea (Goldenflame red)

Spiraea (Japanese alpine)

Spiraea (shirobana)

Spiraea (Shirobana)

Spiraea (Snowmound)

Spiraea (Vanhoutte white)

Spiraea (Vanhoutte)

spirea Spiraea X arguta

spring cinquefoil Potentilla neumanniana

Spurge (Japanese) Pachysandra terminalis

Sumac (African)

summer sweet Clethra alnifolia


sweet pea Lathyrus odoratus

Sweetgum (American)

Sweetspire (Henry Garnet holly leaf)

Teatree (broom) Leptospermum scoparium

Teatree (New Zealand)

Ternstroemia (Japanese)

Trumpet flower (Evening) Gelsemium sempervirens

Viburnum (American cranberry bush)

Viburnum (Common snowball)

Viburnum (David)

Viburnum (Doublefile)

Viburnum (European cranberry bush)

Viburnum (Koreanspice)

Viburnum (Linden)

Viburnum (Mohican)

Viburnum (Pink dawn)

Viburnum (Spring Bouquet)

Viburnum (Tea)

Viburnum (Wright)

viburnum Viburnum

wax myrtle Myrica cerifera

wayfaring tree Viburnum lantana

weeping bottlebrush Callistemon viminalis

weeping forsythia Forsythia suspensa

Weigela (Bristol ruby)

Weigela (Java red)

Weigela (Minuet)

weigela Weigela

Wintercreeper (Bigleaf)

Woadwaxen Genista tinctoria

Woodbine (Flowering)

Woodbine (Serotina)

Xylosma Xylosma

Yaupon holly (Dwarf)

Yew (Anglojap)

Yew (Denisiformis)

Yew (Plum)

Yew (Upright Japanese)

Yew (Upright Japanese)

yew Taxus cuspidata



American sycamore Platanus occidentalis

Ash (Mountain) Sorbus

Ash (Purple)

ash Fraxinus americana

ash Fraxinus pennsylvanica

ash Fraxinus uhdei

baldcypress Taxodium distichum


birch Betula nigra

birch Betula papyrifera

birch Betula pendula

Bottle tree

cajeput tree Melaleuca quinquenervia

carrotwood Cupaniopsis anacardioides

Cedar (Eastern Red) Thuja

Cherry (Dwarf pink flowering almond)

Cherry (Yoshino flowering)

chestnut Castanea mollissima

Coolibah tree

cork screw willow Salix matsudana

cottonwood Populus deltoides

Cryptomeria (Japanese)

Cypress (Emerald island leyland)

Cypress (Filicoides-fernspray) Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Filicoides'

Cypress (Glauca Italian)

Cypress (Gracilis-slender Hinoki) Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Gracilis'

Cypress (Gracillis Japanese false)

Cypress (Leiland)

Cypress (Squarrosa-moss) Chamaecyparis pisifera 'Squarrosa'

Cypress (Swara false)

cypress Cupressus arizonica

cypress Cupressus sempervirens


Dogwood (Cloud nine) florida

Douglas fir Pseudotsuga menziesii

eastern cedar Juniperus virginiana

Elm (Drake)

elm Ulmus

elm Ulmus parvifolia

Eucalyptus (Mealy)

Eucalyptus (Redgum)

Eucalyptus (Silver dollar) Eucalyptus cinerea

Eucalyptus Eucalyptus

eucalyptus Eucalyptus sideroxylon


Fir (Balsam)

fir Abies concolor

florida anise-tree Illicium floridanum

frasier fir Abies fraseri

ginkgo Ginkgo biloba

Gum tree

Hawthorn (Cockspur white)

Hawthorn (Crimson cloud)

Hawthorn (Enchantress)

Hawthorn (India)

Hawthorn (Jack Evans)

Hawthorn (Washington white)

hawthorn Crataegus viridis


hemlock Tsuga canadensis

Honey locust Gleditsia triacanthos

Japanese black pine Pinus thunbergiana

katsura Cercidiphyllum japonicum

Korean dogwood Cornus kousa

larch Larix kaempferi


loblolly pine Pinus taeda

Locust (Shademaster honey)

locust Robinia pseudoacacia

magnolia Magnolia



Maple (Albus-flowering)

Maple (Coral bark Japanese)

Maple (Dwarf Japanese)

Maple (Flame)

Maple (Luteus-flowering) Abutilon 'Luteus'

Maple (Red Sunset)

Maple (Roseus-flowering) Abutilon 'Roseus'

Maple (Tangerine-flowering) Abutilon hybridum 'Tangerine'

Maple (Vesuvius red-flowering) Abutilon hybridum 'Vesuvius Red'

maple Acer ginnala

maple Acer palmatum

maple Acer platanoides

maple Acer rubrum

maple Acer saccharinum

maple Acer saccharum

Mesquite (Chilean) Prosopis chilensis

mulberry Morus alba

Oak (Red)

Oak (Southern L)

oak Quercus coccinea

oak Quercus ilicifolia

oak Quercus laurifolia

oak Quercus palustris

oak Quercus phellos

oak Quercus rubra

oak Quercus virginiana

Palm (Cat)

Palm (Chinese fountain)

Palm (Christmas)

palm (Parlor) Chamaedorea elegans

palm Areca

palm Cycas revoluta

palm Phoenix roebelenii


Pine (Australian) Casuarina equisetifolia

pine (Austrian black) Pinus nigra

Pine (Bosnian) Pinus heldreichii

pine (Bristlecone) Pinus aristata

pine (Canary Island) Pinus canariensis

Pine (Columnar Scotch) Pinus sylvestris 'Fastigiata'

Pine (Dwarf Mugo) Pinus mugo var. pumillo

pine (Eastern white) Pinus strobus

Pine (Eldarica) Pinus Eldarica

pine (Loblolly) Pinus radiata

pine (Lodgepole) Pinus contorta var. contorta

Pine (Longleaf) Pinus palustris

pine (Red) Pinus resinosa

pine (Shore) Pinus contorta

Pine (Slash) Pinus elliottii

Pine (Virginia) Pinus virginiana

planetree Platanus acerifolia


redbud Cercis canadensis

Scotch pine Pinus sylvestris

sequoia Sequoiadendron giganteum

sourwood Oxydendrum arboreum

southern magnolia Magnolia grandiflora

Spruce (Colorado) Picea pungens

Spruce (Conica-dwarf alberta)

Spruce (Dwarf Alberta) Picea glauca 'Conica'

Spruce (Dwarf globe blue)

Spruce (Glauca-Colorado blue) Picea pungens 'Glauca'

Spruce (Glauca-Colorado blue) Picea pungens 'Glauca'

Spruce (Hoopsii-Hoop's blue) Picea pungens 'Hoopsii'

Spruce (Koster-Koster blue) Picea pungens 'Koster'

Spruce (Pendula-weeping Norway) Picea abies 'Pendula'

Spruce (Repens-spreading Norway) Picea abies 'Repens'

spruce Picea abies

spruce Picea pungens

sweet almond Prunus dulcis


sycamore Platanus racemosa

Tab (Yellow)

toyon Heteromeles arbutifolia

Tree fern (Australian)

Tree fern (Tasmanian)

tuliptree Liriodendron tulipifera

tupelo Nyssa sylvatica

white pine Pinus strobus

Willow (Babylon weeping)

willow Salix

Non-bearing Fruit & Nut Trees and Non-bearing Vineyards

Almond Prunus dulcis

almond Prunus glandulosa

apricot Prunus armeniaca



Blueberry (Blue jay)

Blueberry (Bluecrop)

Blueberry (Jersey)

Blueberry (North blue)

Blueberry (Northland)

Blueberry Vaccinium



cherry Prunus avium

cherry Prunus cerasus

common filbert Corylus avellana


crabapple Malus







Grape (American)

Grape (European)

grapefruit Citrus paradisi

guava Psidium guajava

kiwi Actinidia chinensis

lemon Citrus limon

loganberry Rubus loganobaccus

macadamia Macadamia integrifolia

nectarine Prunus persica var. nucipersica

Olive (Black)

olive Olea europaea

orange Citrus sinensis

peach Prunus persica

pear Pyrus

pecan Carya illinoinensis

pistachio Pistacia vera

plum Prunus

pomegranate Punica granatum


Quince (Japanese)

raspberry Rubus

raspberry Rubus glaucus

Russian olive Elaeagnus angustifolia

tangelo Citrus X tangelo

tangerine Citrus reticulata

walnut Juglans nigra

walnut Juglans regia

Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs

Asparagus Asparagus officinalis

basil Ocimum

beet Beta

broccoli Brassica oleracea var. botrytis

brussels sprouts Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera

butternut squash Cucurbita moschata

cabbage Brassica oleracea

cantalope Cucumis melo



Celery Apium

chives Allium nevadense




eggplant Solanum melongena

germander Teucrium

Hubbard squash Cucurbita maxima



lettuce Lactuca

Lima beans

Mustard greens

okra Abelmoschus esculentus

old woman Artemisia stelleriana


Peas (Black-eyed)

Peas (Field)

Peas (Green)

peppers Piperaceae

potato Solanum tuberosum


pumpkin Cucurbita mixta

radish Raphanus sativus

Rupturewort Herniaria

rutabaga Dentaria tenella

Snap beans

squash Cucurbita maxima

Stawberry (Beach) Fragaria chiloensis

strawberry Fragaria

thyme Thymus praecox ssp. arcticus

Tomatoes Lycopersicon

watermelon Citrullus lanatus

wild celery Apium graveolens var. dulce

zucchini Cucurbita pepo