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In this video, we show you how easy it is to have a weed free garden. We'll show you how to prevent weeds from growing in the first place. That's dealing with weeds the easy way, the Preen way.


We all love a beautiful garden, but few gardeners love the hours of weeding it can take to keep a garden beautiful. That’s where Preen comes in.

Hi, I’m Chris Holliday. You may have heard the slogan Preen Works, So You Don’t Have To.® Let us show you how easy it is to have a weed-free garden.

We’ll introduce you to the Preen routine and the simple steps that put the power of Preen to work in your garden.

There are weed killers, but if you don’t want unsightly dead weeds in your garden you still have to remove any existing weeds and their roots by hand.

Wouldn’t it be easier, and make more sense, to prevent those weeds from growing in the first place? That’s dealing with weeds the easy way - the Preen way.

Preen is not a weed killer, it’s a weed preventer. Let’s sprinkle some Preen and show you how it works.

When activated by water, Preen bonds with the soil in your garden. Preen then forms an invisible protective sheath. It actually prevents weed seeds from forming roots. No roots, no weeds, no weeding.

There are several Preen products to choose from: Preen® Garden Weed Preventer and Preen® Weed Preventer for Southern Gardens, Preen® Garden Weed Preventer Plus Plant Food, Preen® Mulch Plus®, and Preen® Landscape Weed Control Fabric. Your local garden retailer will have the Preen that is right for your area.

There’s also Organic Preen® Vegetable Garden Weed Preventer.

The Preen routine is a series of smart steps that combined help you to stop weeds before they start, all season long. As with most things in the garden a bit of effort in the beginning can help make things so much easier down the road.

Step 1: Remove any existing weeds and their roots.

Step 2: Spread mulch as an additional weed barrier. Mulch has weed-fighting properties of its own. So why not combine the weed fighting strength of both for maximum protection.

Step 3: Sprinkle Preen granules on top of the mulch.

Step 4: Water in. This is an important step. Water activates Preen. You may water with a hose, or sprinkler, or rain if a soaking rain is expected in the next day or so.

Step 5: Final weed check. It can happen that some weed seeds will have sprouted before you apply Preen. If such weedy customers pop up, they’re easily dealt with.

Step 6: For maximum weed prevention, apply Preen again in midseason. After three months, if you’re using Preen Garden Weed Preventer or in four months if you’re using Preen Weed Preventer for Southern Gardens.

And that’s it: six easy steps to a weed free garden. Here are some additional tips.

If you can’t water it in immediately, and no rainfalls within two days, use a rake to work the granules into the soil or mulch.

Until Preen is activated by water and bonded to the soil, it could be weakened by extended sunlight, even on cloudy days.

After you water in any new application, don’t allow people or pets to walk in the bed until it is once again dry.

Note that Preen should not be used near or be allowed to drain into aquatic ecosystems. Sweep up any excess product from walks and driveways to prevent runoff and staining.

Preen Garden Weed Preventers are not for use on lawns; so don’t sweep it into the grass.

After Preen does its job, soil microbes break it down and it biodegrades. If you don’t use all your Preen, it can be stored at any temperature. Just be sure it stays dry and tightly covered.

Preen Works, So You Don’t Have To.® As with any gardening product, it’s important to read the product label and follow instructions. You could also find Preen labels and lots more easy care gardening information at

While you’re there sign up to receive Preen email Garden and Landscape Tips for timely updates and ideas on gardening and outdoor living. For Preen, I’m Chris Holliday. Happy gardening!

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