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Zinnia Elegance Scarlet
The new zinnia Elegance Scarlet is compact, disease-resistant, and shade-tolerant.
© George Weigel

Save space in your pots and flower beds this spring for a few superb new annual flowers debuting in 2019. Here are three of the best newcomers worth checking out this year:

Zinnia Elegance Scarlet

Powdery-mildew disease is the bane of most zinnias, but this new orange-scarlet bloomer fights it off as well as any. Elegance Scarlet also stays a compact 18 inches tall, heading off the floppiness that requires taller, old-fashioned zinnias to be staked. Like all zinnias, this new variety prefers full sun. It does, however, bloom better in part shade than most other zinnias.

Petchoa SuperCal Premium Caramel Yellow
Caramel Yellow is a rich, two-toned variety of Petchoa SuperCal Premium.
© George Weigel

Petchoa SuperCal Premium

Petchoa is a cross between petunias and calibrachoas, producing the flower size and bloom coverage of petunias and the rich colors of calibrachoa. SuperCal Premium has especially large and prolific blooms and comes in five colors. Two of the best are Caramel Yellow (a bicolor of soft gold with burgundy throats) and French Vanilla (creamy white with throats of gold and rosy-red). Plants grow in 18- to 20-inch mounds and do best in full sun to light shade. They’re especially nice in pots and hanging baskets.

Impatiens Imara Orange Star
Orange Star is one of the new series of Imara XDR mildew-resistant impatiens.
© Syngenta Flowers

Impatiens Imara XDR series

Plant breeders have been hard at work trying to come up with disease-resistant impatiens ever since a downy-mildew fungus devastated this annual flower six years ago. They believe they’ve hit pay dirt with a seven-color line called Imara XDR. The Imara XDR series looks and performs much like good old-fashioned impatiens, except without being prone to downy mildew. Plants grow about 12 inches tall and perform best in shade to part sun.

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